UiTM has carefully planned its transformation programme, showing the university's commitment to change while putting its solid foundation in every phase of transformation aligned with the national agenda. The UiTM Transformation Programme has gone through transformation phase in 2014, and launched its implementation phase in 2015. After more than a year of its implementation, responding to new changes, competitions, as well as opportunities, the programme went through mid-term review phase in late 2017. Thereafter, UiTM's Transformation Programme entered its 4th phase, with the program branded as Trans4U 2.0.

Under Trans4U 2.0, UiTM continues to implement various improvement and transformation based strategic projects with the aim to improving the university’s performance and achievement. These strategic projects are managed by 6 Lead Directors comprising of the UiTM’s Executive Management members. The strategic projects have been classified based on four transformation components, namely Organisation (O), Talent (B), Process (P), and Technology (T), or in short OBPT. Through a consolidation process, a total of 49 strategic projects under 17 programmes have been established, with 14 of the projects are under component O, 13 under component B, 18 under component P, and 4 under component T of the transformation programme. More details about Trans4U 2.0 can be found below.

Brochure Trans4U 2.0

Trans4u 2.0 Brochure
List of UiTM Transformation Programme 2.0 Initiative.


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