Activities at CSPI

  1. Coordination of the planning, implementation and monitoring of the University’s strategic plan, in accordance with the Malaysia Plan for UiTM.
  2. Appraisal on the success of the strategic plan through balanced scorecard.
  3. Provision and delivery of information service to internal and external clients.
  4. Overseeing of tracer studies on UiTM graduands and preparation of report on analysis of the studies.
  5. Carrying out of tracer studies on employers, as well as follow-up studies on former students of UiTM.
  6. Management of the Executive Information System (EIS).
  7. Analysis of the trend involving strategic issues.
  8. Planning and coordination of innovation and research development strategy.
  9. Overseeing and monitoring the status and progress of centres of excellence for the purpose of endorsement.
  10. Administration of special projects to fulfil the requirements of the University Management.
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