Institutional Research provides institutional-level services that support strategic planning activities and continuous quality improvement initiatives via the provision of information for decision-making and planning purposes.  The office also collaborates with external parties like the Ministry of Higher Education, public and private higher learning institutions, government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs) as well as local authorities on various activities and/or issues involving the university.  We accomplish our mission by:

  • Ascertaining, coordinating and conducting research based on the interests of the university
  • Ensuring the validity and reliability of the data and the research methodologies utilized
  • Providing data analysis to inform executive decision-making and strategic planning initiatives
  • Putting forward follow-up input and data driven recommendations to improve the effectiveness of planning and strategic direction of the university
  • Identifying experts and providing expertise in research methods and other higher education issues
  • Exploring opportunities for strategic cooperation and partnership with relevant partners (internal and external) of the university
  • Responding to requests from other external agencies and stakeholders

The following are documented publications and references that can be used for both internal and external audiences

  • Research reports
  • Surveys
  • Facts and figures


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