As the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, It is incumbent upon me to drive the Centre for Strategic Planning and Information (CSPI), which functions as the authoritative source of information for UiTM. CSPI plays a vital role in support of the University vis-à-vis the drawing up of policies and strategies by providing official information and data. As UiTM's reference point for authorized official information, CSPI has engendered copious output including RMKe-11 UiTM, UiTM Transformation Program, the bi-annual tracer studies and analysis of graduates, follow-up studies on UiTM special projects, and studies on quality data. The resulting reports are informative and expedient for the University Management and outside agencies such as the government, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), and the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), in their decision making and in coming up with their respective strategies - be it in the short term or long term.

CSPI is also responsible in drawing up plans to synchronise strategies across departments, and manage development strategies in accordance with the University's eight key performance indicators which are featured in the 11th Malaysia Plan of UiTM. These are important publications for the University, which help facilitate the implementation of its strategic plan, besides serving as an effective source of reference in setting up strategic initiatives to achieve stipulated performance indicators (PIs) for departments, faculties and branch campuses, and ultimately, to operationalise monitoring on the implementation of all management activities.


Prof Dr Mohd Nazip Suratman

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)


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