Head of Strategic Planning (Performance Measurement) is responsible for measuring the output and outcome of the university through performance indicators and also quantifying the efficiency and effectiveness of the university’s activities including the projects under the UiTM Transformation Programme (Trans4U).  Key Performance Indicators (KPI), score of the UiTM Higher Education Quality Index (i-UiTM) that measures the achievement of Performance Indicators (PI), and statistics are used to gauge success in achieving goals and objectives of the university.  These valuable information help the top management to keep track of the university’s performance and to foster improvement towards achieving university’s excellence.

The responsibilities of the Head of Strategic Planning (Performance Measurement) include the following:

  • Monitor and measure the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Performance Indicators (PI) of UiTM.
  • Establish and update the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for performance measurement.
  • Prepare the strategic plan for Outcomes Based Budgeting (OBB).
  • Develop the measurement instrument for outcomes achievement.
  • Strengthen the monitoring, tracking and surveillance methods as well as the measurement and reporting system.
  • Prepare and propose mechanisms for reward and penalty.


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