The main role of the Head of Information Management is to oversee the overall management process of university official data and information as well as its dissemination within and outside UiTM system. It requires comprehensive understanding of university-wide sources of information and data, and the ability to deal with the diverse data custodians namely Academic Affair Division, Registrar, Treasury, Institute of Research Management and Innovation (IRMI), Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR), and Infrastructure & Infostructure Development Office.  Acting on behalf of the University’s Chief Information Officer (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation), the Head of Information Management  also serves as liaison officer responsible for the provision of university data and information services requested by external parties including government and private agencies.

The responsibilities of this portfolio include

  • enhancing the implementation of good data governance;
  • managing official university data in a systematic manner;
  • providing official information and data to respective customers; and

Strategizing and safeguarding the university data warehouse.



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