The Minister of Education Mandate 2019, proclaimed by YB. Dr. Maszlee Malik, has identified the direction of higher learning institutions of restoring the universities’ authority through four main thrusts: quality, autonomy, collaboration and internationalization. The aspect of quality in higher learning institutions covers excellence, relevance, and enhancing university’s effectiveness through: promoting knowledge culture, putting an emphasis on research to solve problems, acquiring knowledge-transfer grants, fostering ethical practices and professionalism, enhancing career development of academics, as well as promoting Malaysia as an international education hub. The autonomy given to higher learning institutions will be enhanced through appropriate key performance indicators (KPI), and the classification of universities by clusters that aims to create synergy and collaboration. The smart collaboration between universities and their stakeholders, including industries, government agencies, communities, alumni, schools and others, will ensure similar directions of higher learning institutions and Malaysian education. The international agenda through strategic branding and positioning will further enhance Malaysian higher learning institutions as the centres of reference. The expertise and scholarly of Malaysian academicians will be highlighted through the right intellectual discourse, academic mobility within and outside the country, as well as production of high quality of academic outcomes.

These are in line with the existing directions of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) which emphasize on quality, excellence, collaboration and promotion of international agenda. As a long-term plan, the Centre for Strategic Planning and Information (CSPI), UiTM, will continue its effort of strengthening the authority of higher learning institutions, with the aim of ensuring UiTM as an institution that generates knowledge based on expertise, scholarship to be disseminated to the students, industries, and communities. Through promoting excellence in education, the community’s knowledge will continue to grow; which in turn will ensure a sustainable development nation. With that note, UiTM and CSPI will continue to realize the Ministry of Education’s aspiration of enhancing higher learning institutions’ authority.

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Summary of "Amanat Tahun Baharu Menteri Pendidikan Malaysia 2019"

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Speech Text of "Amanat Tahun Baharu Menteri Pendidikan Malaysia 2019"

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